As an additional component of the LIFE EUROKITE project, LIFE EUROKITE+ will take on the legal forms of human-induced mortality (collision with infrastructures, electrocution).

It is definitely in the interest of the protection of species, that the data generated in the project are generally taken into account in environmental impact assessments and infrastructure projects, and that recommendations for wind energy and traffic are developed based on the scientific analysis of telemetry data. At the suggestion of the WWF and at the request of the EU Commission, the extensive data in LIFE EUROKITE+ will also be used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of Natura 2000 bird protection areas.

In the LIFE EUROKITE+ project, another 180 Red Kites and 40 White-tailed Eagles are to be tagged across several federal states in Germany. As a result of a data-use-agreement with the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach, who has already generate data from more than 400 other Red Kites that have been tagged (342 young birds, 77 adult birds and future birds), a big dataset for the evaluations is available. Data usage contracts with other organizations and private people are currently being negotiated and are intended to provide access to all Red Kites that have already been tagged in Europe. Ultimately, telemetry data from far more than 1,000 Red Kites is therefore available. These offer a precise insight into the lives of the individuals and allow new insights into the behaviour of the species.


  • Use telemetry studies to generate representative data for a population-based approach
  • Planning a project for technical solutions
  • Identification of power lines relevant for birds of prey collisions or electrocution in the breeding areas, wintering areas and along the migration routes
  • Mitigation measures to avoid collisions