Mahndorf - Family (GER)

Here you will find all information about the red kite family Mahndorf. To have a look at our interactive map of the bird please scroll down.

Family tree:

Reference: TB Raab 2022

The Red Kite family from Mahndorf (Germany) has been tracked and monitored by GPS transmitters for several years. The adult bird (father) was first tagged in June 2018. In the meantime, he lost the logger, but could be re-tagged. In addition, two young birds of the adult bird were also tagged in 2018. In May 2019, two young birds of the adult bird were successfully tagged. In 2020, a nest with 3 young birds of the same adult bird was reached an all 3 bird were tagged. Thus, the Red Kite family from Mahndorf offers cross-generational observation and analysis of the data by the GPS transmitter.

We are excited to see how the young birds grow up and where they will travel. We will report about this family regularly and will post current information here and in our news feed.

Left picture: Offspring 2019 by Martin Kolbe; right picture: Offspring 2020 by Martin Kolbe