The new spiral better protects birds from impacts on power lines

Brno, 29th January 2021

The distribution company EG.D was the first in the Czech Republic to use a new type of protective element for high-voltage overhead line conductors. The spiral, which protects the birds from impacts on the conductors, is mounted around the “Staviste” reservoir near Zdar nad Sazavou and in the coming weeks it should also appear on the line that crosses the water surface itself.

"As this is a pilot project, we will evaluate the use of the spiral in the coming years together with ornithologists and staff from the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency. Colleagues from Slovakia already have good experience with this new security element and we believe that we will be able to say the same, "says Jan Volek, manager of EG.D, who is in charge of installing security elements in the distribution network. Workers will gradually install spirals on the entire line above the width of the reservoir, and also at a sufficient distance from its bank above the meadow, in the vicinity of which there are other smaller ponds. Weather permitting, work will be carried out on the frozen surface of the tank, where the wires will be lowered without voltage. Installation work on the ice surface is an exception, but in this case it is the only way to attach the spirals to the wires safely and quickly.

Distributors and ornithologists participate in the development of new safety elements together with the staff of the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency. "Power lines are a great danger to birds. They often die here either as a result of an electric shock when trying to land on a pole or a high-voltage mast, or as a result of an impact with conductors. Therefore, the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency is working intensively with electricity distributors to solve this problem. Specifically, we have seen an injury here with swans, whose runway crosses a high-voltage line. We have made a suggestion and we very much appreciate the quick response of EG.D and we believe that in this way we will be able to secure other sections of the line where there are repeated bird injuries, "says Václav Hlaváč from the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection.

The prevention of collisions between birds and drivers plays a crucial role, especially in areas where they collect regularly and in large numbers. "Water areas, streams and their immediate surroundings act as a magnet, not only for water birds. They use them all year round as stops during seasonal flights, as a nesting ground or wintering ground. We have been cooperating with the distribution company on a long-term basis on effective solutions and the selection of suitable locations, ”adds Lukáš Viktora from the Czech Ornithological Society.

Already today, EG.D uses solutions that are safe for birds in the construction or reconstruction of high-voltage outdoor lines. If the new security element proves successful, it is planned to install it in other locations as well. EG.D invests billions of crowns in the modernization of the distribution network.

Annual investments in 2019 and in 2020 reached the amount of 5.5 billion crowns. Investments will increase slightly in the coming years and their sum by 2025 should exceed 31 billion crowns.


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From 1 January 2021, E.ON Distribuce changed to EG.D

As of January 1, 2021, E.ON Distribuce has a new name and appearance. It entered the new year under the name EG.D. The abbreviation is derived from the English Electricity and Gas Distribution, ie the distribution of electricity and gas. E.ON Distribution thus distinguished itself as an energy distributor from E.ON Energie in order to help customers with a better orientation in the energy market. Services for the public remain the same, nothing changes for customers and they do not have to worry about anything in connection with the renaming of the company. EG.D remains part of the E.ON Group in the Czech Republic.